November 29, 2017
long-tail keyword SEO | Engine-IUS Marketing

How to Win With Conversational Optimization

Mobile/Local/Voice searches are the new normal  – learn how to find the right key phrases and dominate this new era of search. Selecting the right keywords can make the difference between profit and losing ground to competitors. As people search, their intent can range over several categories, even in a single search session. This intent is what marketers need to capture. When the intent of searchers is understood, marketers can create content that will turn searchers into buyers. One way to understand user intent is to analyze how consumers perform queries today: 60% of searches are performed on mobile. Mobile searches often are transactional (people wishing to buy something). They are usually more transactional than desktop searches, and mobile searches are often tuned to a desire to buy locally. With 20% of mobile searches done by voice, this is a huge opportunity to work in long-tail keywords (defined as keywords […]
November 1, 2017

How to Make Relevance Work for You

Best 2017 (and Beyond) Link Development Tips As the digital marketing community mourns the passing of Eric Ward, we’re reminded of his pioneering skills and numerous contributions to link development. Today some estimates attribute up to 40% of Google’s ranking algorithm to link-related criteria; from number, to quality, to anchor text diversity. With this much riding on links, it’s easy to see that a lot of effort needs to be spent cultivating this important ranking signal. Not everyone has the time, the perseverance, or the research skills to build a quality link portfolio. That’s why Engine-IUS Marketing offers link development as part of its digital marketing campaigns. Whether you engage us to do it, or you want to take on link building as a DIY project, if you’re looking for a quick takeaway from this post, simply remember the word ‘relevance’. Every step that’s taken in a solid, search engine-friendly […]
October 25, 2017
HTTPS SEO Benefits | Engine-IUS Marketing

Migrating Your Site to HTTPS: How-To, Why-To & Avoiding Pitfalls Along the Way (Part 2)

Last time we discussed the SEO benefits (in addition to user benefits) of deploying a secure (HTTPS) version of your website. Sounds good, right? All you have to do is set that up per the steps we talked about in that post, and you’re good. Not so fast – several wrinkles can crop up when setting up HTTPS and the main issue that can derail your SEO efforts is duplicate content. Let’s examine why this happens and how to fix it. Defining HTTP & HTTPS Duplicate Content It’s likely that you’ve heard that search engines, especially Google, punish sites with duplicate content. That stands to reason; the search engines want to provide the best user experience possible, and that means delivering diverse and relevant search results. There are multiple forms of duplicate content, and the particular kind created when HTTP and HTTPS versions of a site are both indexed can […]
October 6, 2017
HTTP HTTPS SEO | Engine-IUS Marketing

Migrating Your Site to HTTPS: How-To, Why-To & Avoiding Pitfalls Along the Way (Part 1)

When Did HTTPS Gain SEO Traction (Google Approval)? It started back in 2014 when Google proclaimed that all sites, ideally, should switch to secure HTTPS protocol. Why would this be a good idea for consumers, and also for site owners, and Google itself? For Google, they like to provide the best search results possible. A recent review found that 34% of Google search results are from secure sites. To grow this number, Google encourages site owners to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is the secure version of HTTP. Currently HTTPS is mostly used to handle sensitive online transactions, such as those on ecommerce and banking websites. Telling customers you have a more secure website can definitely help build trust in your business, but what about the SEO benefits? First of all, are there any, and second, if there are, what’s the best way to ensure you get them without […]