January 31, 2017
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All Hype & No Meat: Beat the High Rankings/Low Traffic Trap

Hope this has never happened to you, but if it has we’ve got you covered! We’re about to enter the world of…high SERP rankings that don’t translate to high Google traffic! This is a strange, foggy world where marketers have trouble seeing what’s really going on with their campaigns. Key phrase rankings are great, but they are only one part of the marketing puzzle. Step into this scenario with us; does it look familiar? Got the Rankings But Where’s the Traffic? Google traffic keeps dipping, but you don’t know why. Content is still being produced on a regular basis. Link development is full steam ahead, and website pages have been optimized on a regular schedule each month. You’re starting to get concerned as this is the fourth month in a row that Google traffic has fallen by double digits. You note that revenue has risen incrementally over the time period, […]
January 30, 2017
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6 Marketing Ideas You Can Steal from Social Media

Most marketers use social media to provide more visibility for their brand and to offer customer service. Did you know that you can use social to add buzz and even precision to your other campaigns? Social media can be like a well that you can return to again and again for valuable tidbits of information. Think of it as your secret weapon that can help you direct more consumers to conversion. Create Personas – Get To Know Your Audience Some of the most useful insights you can get from social media are details you can use to build customer personas. Dig into your social stats such as Analytics on Twitter and Insights on Facebook, and get real data on your customers. See where they live, what their gender is, and follow conversations to learn more about their preferences. Then you can build out your personas using real data. This is […]
January 12, 2017
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Explode Your Social Media ROI with These 5 Tips

You know you should post to your social accounts more often, but you’re really not sure why…or even how, to go about it. There is a lot more involved in social media management than creating social accounts and posting to them occasionally. Why not let a social media marketing company take some (or all) of this work off your hands? Team up with your agency and take advantage of these 5 tips that can punch up your social media ROI. Please note: You may first wish to set up your social media policy and then proceed to check out our tips. Some marketers may be tempted to skip this step – we recommend setting your policy up now (or have us help)…here’s why, and how: Set up your social media policy: Posting great content is only part of the social media management equation. When all the questions, replies, and comments […]
January 11, 2017
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How to Create Custom Images to Skyrocket Your Social Engagement

Content marketing can repay you with big dividends – not the least of which is increased trust in your brand. Building relationships with content is just as important as writing a sales letter or a landing page; it’s a different type of messaging that still has as its goal directing people to believe in what you stand for. If they believe it, they will want to do business with you, and not just in the short term. But how can you (with help from your social media marketing agency) create enticing short and long-form content that tells your brand story? Well, today we’ll discuss one part of the formula: the inclusion of compelling images with your messages. Plus we’ll show you two great free tools to use to create the images. So even if you’ve entrusted copywriting to your agency, you can create the images yourself, or tell your agency […]