June 23, 2017

Three Surefire Ways to Build Links for Local SEO

While you may have heard that a strong external link portfolio is great for your overall search engine visibility, it can give you a definite boost in local results. This post will assume that you’ve already set up social accounts and especially your Google My Business account. If you haven’t done these yet, please get in touch with us to start your local SEO campaign for you. Link building can incorporate a range of tactics, but we wanted to share a few top approaches so you can get started with some surefire ways to not only expand, but diversify links pointing to your site. A high quantity of links is not as important as link quality and relevance (and over time you will want to build a higher quantity of links, but it must be done in a systematic way). Plus you want as many different domains pointing to your site as possible, as long as they are sites that relate to your website’s subject matter. So if you sell bird toys you don’t want a site that discusses politics linking to you (unrelated), or a site that sells get-rich-quick schemes (potentially a ‘bad neighborhood’ full of spam). Zero in on local citations – here’s how You will want to compile a list of the best directories and sites that influence local search. Each of these submissions will allow you to link back to your website. If you’re looking to improve your search visibility in a particular city, you can review Moz’s list of top local citation submission sites by city. You’ll notice that the top sites on each list are usually the same, regardless of city: Yellow Pages Yelp Superpages Manta Facebook Citysearch These sites are important for local search visibility, plus you’ll want to zero in on local news sites, depending on your region, such as, for example. The key to making local citations work for you is to ensure that your NAP […]
May 31, 2017
search engine optimization SEO | Engine-IUS Marketing

Why SEO Will Continue to Be a High ROI Marketing Strategy

Organic Search: The Gift That Keeps on Giving It’s the way of the world today. Patience is supposed to be a virtue, but in the world of digital marketing, patience can be a hot commodity. It’s hard to tell customers that Google can take one or even two years to deliver the kind of traffic referral results they want from organic search. But here’s an important point to remember; something that organic search offers that PPC cannot. While we want to team organic with PPC to gain maximum first page real estate, things can change in a hurry if a customer decides to reduce or shut down her PPC spend. It’s like turning off a faucet when an AdWords budget changes. Organic, on the other hand, is the proverbial ‘gift that keeps on giving’. You (or your digital agency) can create valuable, evergreen content that will continue to be found in search for its keywords, over days, months and even years. Your investment into solid, detail-rich and SEO-optimized content is a powerful foundation that keeps paying you back with targeted traffic to your website. Infuse SEO Strategies Into All Marketing Activities Savvy marketers infuse SEO strategies into all marketing activities; from content marketing to email marketing, social media and more. SEO delivers value that can be sustained through all your digital marketing initiatives. And you can win with SEO in another way: teach SEO principles to all your writers, so they’ll know how to write an optimized headline, and persuasive, keyword-rich copy. You’ll get more email opens, more social shares, and reach more of your audience across all communication channels. SEO & Mobile/Local=Lead Driving Power! Mobile’s explosion has ensured SEO will stay alive and well. People use their phones as answer providers. Whether they type in, or increasingly, speak in, their queries, being found at the top of search results still matters, and will continue to matter even more today, as mobile/local search grows in importance. […]
May 18, 2017
social media marketing tips | Engine-IUS Marketing

5 Top Social Media Tips for Your Small Business

Get More Engagement & Referral Traffic By Doing Less on Social Media! When you run a small business it’s easy to get pulled in a dozen different directions. When it comes to social media marketing, you may feel the same way: everyone says you have to be on social media, but who has the time for all of that? Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram…then all the important niche channels like Houzz and others…it can make a person’s head spin! We’re here to tell you that you can improve brand visibility and connect with customers, prospects and fans by doing LESS on social media than you may have thought! Here’s how to get it done: 1) Focus. Choose one or two channels at most for your social posting. Do a bit of research to find out which channels your audience likes best. If they are most responsive on Twitter, concentrate your efforts there. See a lot of activity on Facebook? Then make that your goal. You don’t have to post on more than one or two channels to succeed on social. If you want to build a bigger presence, then by all means, do so, but our point here is to exchange a scatter gun approach for one that’s more like a laser. Let’s say you choose Twitter as your channel. Then let’s discover how to get the most out of every post. 2) Invest in a few tools. When we say invest, it doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot of money. Time is what we mean here; learn how to use a scheduling tool and a tool for creating awesome graphics to go with your posts. Did you know that people retain information much better if they can learn it visually? Definitely pair your posts with engaging images to ensure people remember your company! Try Canva and take a few minutes each day to practice with this amazing tool that offers incredible functionality in its […]
May 2, 2017
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How to Build (and Rebuild) Click-Worthy Calls to Action

Over time you add new products and services to your website; you write blog posts, you share content on social media, and you keep in touch with your customers via email offers. You’re hitting your marketing on all cylinders – or are you? We’re fans of micro-content and the power these small bits of text have to persuade people. Periodically it’s important to do an audit of another form of micro-content, calls to action. Passive Is Out. Active Is In. It’s easy to get passive with calls to action. ‘Contact us today’, ‘Submit the form below’, ‘Get in touch now’…these are all calls to action that can fall flat. They do the job, but don’t pack a punch. Let’s discover why it’s important to write clear, compelling calls to action, then some tips on how to do it well. Make a Quick Pitch Think of calls to action as your best chance to convince someone. If you had 7 seconds to make a pitch, what would it be? Imagine a jogger running past you and she’ll only hear a few words as she trots by. You have to make them count! ‘Contact us today’ will likely get little if any response; the jogger probably won’t look in your direction. Replace that weak call to action with: ‘Get 5 free tools now!’ or ’14 day free trial!’ There has to be a benefit attached to your call to action to make it worth it to the consumer. It would seem obvious that calls to action should be tied to benefits. Often when people write web copy, they think of the call to action as a summing up. Actually it is a reminder of why the consumer needs the product or service. The reminder should offer a benefit (and it’s okay to say ‘Contact Us’, but add a benefit for doing so), plus one other crucial bit of information: A time limit. ‘Get your free e-book – last […]