February 23, 2017
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5 Top Tool Tips Every Marketer Can Profit From

If you’re like us you’ve probably read more articles than you can count about the best online marketing tools. While ‘the list’ may change from year to year, there are a select few tools that stand the test of time. Plus a few newcomers shoot to the top; and it’s important to keep abreast of these, too. But what if we told you that you could amplify your search engine marketing campaigns with features that only power users know about? You can! Let’s go grab 5 top power user tips for some of the most popular marketing tools. They’ll save you time and help build engagement with your audience! Dropbox: This online sharing and collaboration tool probably offers more power user features than any other, so it’s hard to pick just one. Here’s a favorite of ours: We often work with clients who request our input on website updates or […]
February 22, 2017
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Why You Need the Best Meta Descriptions to Drive Traffic

Great Micro Content= More Sales Micro content serves many purposes in online marketing; from email subject lines, to tweets, to SMS ads and more. For the purposes of this blog we’ll concentrate on a very specific form of micro content, the meta description. Think about it: when you do a web search and are faced with a long list of results, how do you decide which one to click on? The title can persuade you, but often it’s the one-to-two sentence description that encourages that all-important click. This is where you can convince your target audience that your company has the solution to their problem.  That’s what web searches are – people with problems that need answers – and the faster they can get those answers, the better. It’s up to you in the space of about 160 characters to present your product or service as the best solution. The […]
January 31, 2017
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All Hype & No Meat: Beat the High Rankings/Low Traffic Trap

Hope this has never happened to you, but if it has we’ve got you covered! We’re about to enter the world of…high SERP rankings that don’t translate to high Google traffic! This is a strange, foggy world where marketers have trouble seeing what’s really going on with their campaigns. Key phrase rankings are great, but they are only one part of the marketing puzzle. Step into this scenario with us; does it look familiar? Got the Rankings But Where’s the Traffic? Google traffic keeps dipping, but you don’t know why. Content is still being produced on a regular basis. Link development is full steam ahead, and website pages have been optimized on a regular schedule each month. You’re starting to get concerned as this is the fourth month in a row that Google traffic has fallen by double digits. You note that revenue has risen incrementally over the time period, […]
January 10, 2017
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4 Ways to Drive More Value with Keywords

In a recent post, we discussed working with your agency on finalizing a keyword list. This is one of the most important tasks you will work on with your digital marketing firm. We promised to show you the best places to insert those keywords, and why. Let’s take a look at how this is done. Even though you will likely rely on your agency to do this for you, it’s important to understand how the process works. You will of course have the final say as to copy updates on your website, and while you will want to include keywords within the copy, you will also want to ensure that they are added in a natural way. These key phrase inclusion tips can help you focus on the details of keyword placement: Keywords should be placed in two main areas of your website. They should appear in the HTML code; […]