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November 29, 2017
long-tail keyword SEO | Engine-IUS Marketing

How to Win With Conversational Optimization

Mobile/Local/Voice searches are the new normal  – learn how to find the right key phrases and dominate this new era of search. Selecting the right keywords can make the difference between profit and losing ground to competitors. As people search, their intent can range over several categories, even in a single search session. This intent is what marketers need to capture. When the intent of searchers is understood, marketers can create content that will turn searchers into buyers. One way to understand user intent is to analyze how consumers perform queries today: 60% of searches are performed on mobile. Mobile searches often are transactional (people wishing to buy something). They are usually more transactional than desktop searches, and mobile searches are often tuned to a desire to buy locally. With 20% of mobile searches done by voice, this is a huge opportunity to work in long-tail keywords (defined as keywords […]
July 7, 2017
mobile site speed SEO | Engine-IUS Marketing

How You Can Take Advantage of Google’s Mobile-First Focus

Visitors have to see your website for you to do business with them As Google moves to its mobile first index (perhaps by 2018 for a partial rollout) there’s still time to get your site in shape for the launch. It makes sense for Google to go to a mobile-first index because mobile traffic continues to grow worldwide (users in the USA spend 71% of all online minutes using mobile devices). One way Google is helping webmasters and marketers prepare for this mobile-first change is through its June 28 update to its mobile site speed tool. Why is mobile site speed so important? Here’s the reason you need your site to load fast: If it doesn’t, your audience won’t stick around. They’ll go visit a competitor’s site. And the decision to do that is made in mere moments. Let’s look at the enhancements to Google’s mobile site speed tool so […]