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August 18, 2017
WordPress website design and optimization | Engine-IUS Marketing

Don’t Pull the Trigger on that New Site Build Until You Read This

Amplify your Online Visibility with a New WordPress Site or Blog When it comes to connecting with your audience online, your website has to act like your digital salesperson. If your site can’t be found in search results, then you’re leaving money on the table. Today WordPress powers 28% of the Internet; including TechCrunch, Reuters Blogs, Katy Perry, Wall St. Journal Law Blogs, and many more. So why do all these prominent entities (along with thousands of other businesses and individuals ) use WordPress? The reasons would fill dozens of pages, but for our purposes in this blog, we want to drill down to some very specific SEO points that you can take advantage of too, when you move your blog or site to WordPress. Quality Themes to Make Your Site SEO-Friendly & Fast WordPress is SEO-friendly straight out of the box. Its easy to configure menus, sliders and other […]